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We are India’s 1st & uniquely designed digital news media, offering lot for people more then just news and giving voices to the unheard, Hence, myadivasi.com is #myadivasi !

MyAdivasi.com is part of a movement to liberate every human!

Spoiler: This is interesting! ?

Welcome to myadivasi – A community of enthusiastic adivasi who are popularly known as “adivasi”! These are people who are living poor lifestyle or are currently trying to moving in good direction.

Here is what you will find on myadivasi:

    • 92% practical tips to create your life good; the other 8% is for personal stories and an overview of free lifestyle. Government policy. ST politicians. Organisation.
    • Basic & advanced money making techniques. This is all pretty cool stuff but not that easy.
    • A community of like-minded adivasi who hang out & talk about Adivasi and all humans on our dedicated forum for bloggers.
  • Online help tips for alliance of life, entrepreneurs, start-ups & businesses.
    • This site is not limited to Adivasi, politic, tech, fashion, travel, finance, or any other kind of blogging. myadivasi is appropriate for everyone with any kind of need full people.
  • Complete “How-To” of inbound growth for poor people.
  • Exclusive deals & discounts for you. (How does getting discounts on some cool new tools sound?)
  • Free video guides & tutorials to simplify complex people jargon. (This is new but growing steadily.)
  • The Affiliate Marketing Handbook & WordPress eBook by dr bhavin vasava
  • iOS App & Android App will come for you.

I bought the domain myadivasi.com by borrowing a money from my friend. It was not easy to ask for a money from anyone, but we all have one such friend.

Don’t we??

Something which started as a bit of helping people out to be the biggest life-changing experience for me. In the next few years, myadivasi will become more than just a popular blog.

With  subscribers, it has made a positive impact on many people’s lives.

This community has helped numerous individuals to become their own. This is done by becoming financially independent first, and then experiencing the true meaning of life.

If you have never use this before, don’t mistake it with just another thing. It’s an intense tool which can empower you beyond anything else as your words will reach out to everyone on every corner of the life.

Always remember:

With your words, you have the power to change the world.

myadivasi is the perfect community for anyone who is passionate about discovering themselves through life and for those who have the desire to excel in this fast-changing world.

Many people think wabsite is only about writing your personal story, but that’s not entirely true. If you mix your hard work with smart work and knowledge you can make a living with your hardwork; this is what myadivasi.com is all about.

Myadivasi.com is an answer to:

  • How do you make money by your own business or farms?
  • How can I quit my job & become my own boss?
  • How do you create an authority business & establish yourself online and offline?

Again, this is very tangible stuff.

My adivasi has changed the lives of over thousands of individual around the globe. They will earn money from their activities and become own boss.

About us  ?

We are India’s 1st  uniquely designed digital news media, offering lot for people more then just news and giving voices to the unheard, Hence, myadivasi.com is #myadivasi !

We am the mind behind myadivasi.com

We may use big words at times, but I’m a really simple guy who loves to simplify complex stuff.  

We completed my primary education at rajpardi and received my degree in Dentistry from Gujarat university.  Prior to becoming a dental surgeon private practitioner, I worked with welfare  in India. One of the turning points in my life was turning down a job offer from Accenture in pursuit of my own journey as a professional private practitioner.

I am the principal dentist at The Smile Center. Graduating from the Gujarat University of Ahmedabad in 2008, he comes with a wealth of experience in hospital, community and general dentistry.

In 2009, he obtained his membership of the of Dental Surgeons from the Dental Council Of Gujarat in India, and has trained at Sumandeep Hospital in Pipariya Vadodara, the regional center for Dental Surgery, Oral, Maxillofacial and Craniofacial Surgery.

This enthusiasm for advanced surgery leads me to Bharuch, where i became the principal dentist of my own private Multi speciality dental clinic and Implant centers The Smile Center.

We was delighted when the opportunity arose to return back home to Rajpardi, Bharuch and Jhaghadia Bharuch, he continues to advance his Profession of Dentistry. I am also a member of the Indian Dental Association.

We looks forward to providing the highest level of dental care to all his patients, and would be happy to chat through the advantages of Basal Implant , dental implants, Cosmetic Dentistry and how they could dramatically change the way you smile and even the way you live.

During my last few year i found poor Adivasi people does not have basic knowledge of life. And they are facing lots of problems. that’s why so many people take advantage of that. My sol asks me how I can help this people.

So We have decided to make a platform to help Adivasi people in all aspect of life like government sector, farming, education, business, health etc… by providing knowledge.

Answer is myadivasi.com

Thank you


Adivasi, (Hindi: “Original Inhabitants”)official name (in India) Scheduled Tribes, any of various ethnic groups considered to be the original inhabitants of the Indian subcontinent. The term is used primarily in India and Bangladesh. In the constitution of India, promulgated in 1950, most of these groups were listed—or scheduled—as targets for social and economic development. Since that time the Adivasi of India have been known officially as Scheduled Tribes. In the early 21st century the Adivasi population of India was more than 84 million, with the majority living in the northeastern states of Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, and Nagaland. Smaller numbers inhabit the hills and forests of central and southern India as well as the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The largest groups are the Bhil, the Munda, and the Santhal. The Adivasi peoples have experienced major changes in their traditional ways of life since the mid-20th century, especially as they lost their lands as a result of population growth, the development of towns, and industrialization.

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