Afghanistan’s Jalalabad Airport to re-open for all flights. Check details


Afghanistan’s Jalalabad Airport is ready to re-open domestic and international flights, local media quoted state officials on Saturday. The Airport was left abandoned for almost 3 months since US troops returned from the country.

For the past 20, the airport served as a military base for US troops and no civilian flights were allowed from here. Provincial residents praised the reopening of the airport for civilian flights.

Technical staff were recalled back on duty. Acting director of the airport, Spin Ghar Shahzad, said, as quoted by Tolo News, “We have all the capabilities for technical activity. The technical staff is all present. You will witness the flights.”

“We assure the citizens and world that Nangarhar (Jalalabad) Airport is fully prepared for the flights,” said Sheikh Neda Ahmad, head of Nangarhar’s security department.

“Earlier, we were obliged to send our crops from Nangarhar to the capital, Kabul. And From there the crops would be exported to foreign countries. Now we will have direct flights from Nangarhar to China,” Tolo News quoted Hajji Zalmay, a trader as saying.

“The reopening of the airport in Nangarhar is a good step. The international flights will be conducted from here. It will make good profits for Nangarhar,” said Abdullah, a resident.

The officials said that an Iranian aircraft carrying humanitarian assistance will land in the airport in the near future, Tolo News reported.

The Taliban entered Kabul on August 15, causing the US-backed government to step down. Later in September, the outfit announced the composition of the new interim government of Afghanistan.

The country is currently battered by the deepening economic, humanitarian, and security crisis following the Taliban takeover. The international community, from governments to non-governmental organizations, has been providing various assistance to the Afghan people.

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